#nobuffer Twitter Campaign

#nobuffer Twitter Campaign Buffer-zone legislation will be debated again this week in Parliament and in true pro-life style we are holding a Tweetfest on Monday 23 November from 5pm - 9pm. (We’ll peak around 8 pm) I’m very grateful to the many pro-lifers from Australia and overseas who will be joining us for this campaign and especially want to welcome those who have opened new accounts or rebooted old ones just for...

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Calling Good Evil

Calling Good Evil You could be forgiven for suffering overexposure after the recent succession of videos and campaigns targeting abortion-giant Planned Parenthood. The stories are shared all over Facebook and twitter, along with blogposts, commentaries and counter-attacks. But this ‘overexposure’ needs to be put into perspective. What may seem like overkill to those who identify as ‘I wouldn’t have an abortion,...

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Would You Like Some Charity With That Outrage?

Would You Like Some Charity With That Outrage? We’re all aware of the phenomenon of online aggression and many of us have taken part in some online debates or conversations in which we expressed frustration or anger, when it would have been better for us to unplug and calm down. St. Paul is pretty clear on the correct disposition Christians need to adopt as a lifestyle - it is that of true love; none other than the love...

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Simple Twitter Marketing for Pro-lifers

Simple Twitter Marketing for Pro-lifers A website is a powerful tool: you can spread your message, give advice, share a video or sell a product to any country in the world, 24 hours a day; even while you’re sleeping. It’s also very useful for spreading the pro-life message and helping to save babies. I’m going to run  you through a simple way of getting the message out there with minimal setup and no expense, and...

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Join a Movement, Save a Soul

Join a Movement, Save a Soul                           I first came across the Kiczek family last January on twitter, where they organized a huge tweetfest using the hashtag #PrayToEndAbortion. This coincided with the March for Life in Washington D.C., which is held each year on the anniversary of the passing of Roe Vs. Wade. My eldest son was among the thousands who...

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