Prayer Campaign Update for June

Prayer Campaign Update for June. It’s been a year now since our small but dedicated group began to pray that abortion would not be decriminalised in New South Wales. We have been praying especially that there won’t be an introduction of buffer zones similar to those enacted in Tasmania. And that desire seems to have hit a nerve with the forces of darkness: there has never been such a concerted opposition to sidewalk...

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Give Love a Name - Nancy’s Story.

Give Love a Name - Nancy’s Story   With abortion advocates in many states lobbying for the introduction of buffer-zones, it’s important to realise just how many babies are saved through the intervention of sidewalk counsellors. (You can sign an online petition in support of free speech and peaceful vigils here.) This story is about one such baby, named Ava. Ava’s mama, Nancy, is now a very strong advocate...

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Prayer Campaign Update: Sidewalk Advocacy

  Prayer Campaign Update: Sidewalk Advocacy With New South Wales going to polls today, it’s a good time to reflect on the benefits of witnessing outside abortion providers and conversely, the potential damage that would be done by the introduction of buffer zones, such as those proscribed by Tasmania’s legal system. Buffer zones, also known as exclusion zones or bubble zones, have been mooted in Queensland, Victoria...

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National Prayer Campaign: Why NSW?

National Prayer Campaign: Why NSW? When I was asked to start a prayer campaign last year to stop the decriminalisation of abortion in New South Wales, I went ahead without a lot of thought about what was happening in the other states. Victoria already had atrocious laws in place, Tasmania had these plus a buffer-zone, and Queensland, where abortion is still in the criminal code, wasn’t expecting the landslide Labor victory we...

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National Prayer Campaign Update

    National Prayer Campaign Update We are relaunching the National Prayer Campaign to stop the Decriminalisation of Abortion in NSW today! Several families and individuals have been faithfully praying and fasting for months now, to ask God’s blessing on the state of New South Wales. With the elections coming up in March, new calls for decriminalisation by the Greens, and further controversy about exclusion zones, now...

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National Prayer Campaign Update: Prayers

      National Prayer Campaign Update: Prayers We are starting to fill some of the 168 spots required for Ave Verum Corpus 24/7 Adoration and also have 4 members on the Heart of Jesus prayer roster. Thanks to everyone who has shared or is promoting this great cause! We now have a list of recommended prayers to be said during Adoration, or at any other time. You can click on the link and download your own copy:...

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