Why We Need the Infant Viability Bill

Richard Grant, of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, writes about Dr. Rachel Carling-Jenkins’ new Infant Viability Bill. Why We Need the Infant Viability Bill The main purpose of this post is to seek your support for a critically important Private Member’s Bill soon to be debated in State Parliament which aims to wind back Victoria’s current draconian abortion laws in order to help save the lives of later term unborn...

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Prolife Pilgrimage Part 3 - Friendship!

Prolife Pilgrimage Part 3 - FRIENDSHIP! (See part 1 here and part 2 here!) Day 9 - On to Ohio I went to Mass at the exquisite chapel of the Precious Blood for the last time this morning. It’s been lovely to be able to get there each day, with Mass said by Monsignor. I had my last breakfast with Sr. Precious and helped her figure out a couple of things on her new phone before packing and awaiting my ride to the airport....

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Pro-life Pilgrimage: Part 1 - Faith!

Pro-life Pilgrimage: Part 1 - Faith! (See part 2 here and part 3 here!)   Some of my friends asked for a travelogue, so I’ll get something written while I have credit on the computer - no free wifi here at the hotel. As I flew across the Pacific Ocean. a thought was preoccupying me - how many really good people are being held back from living out a dream or failing to act on an inspiration out of fear?...

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True Inclusion - Guest post by Daniel Giles

True Inclusion - Guest Post by Daniel Giles Thanks so much to Kathy Clubb for the opportunity to be a guest contributor on Light Up the Darkness. I am a young man living with Autism who is passionate about the full inclusion of people from all walks of life, including people with disability. And I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to live. In particular, I am very passionate about rights for unborn children with...

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#nobuffer Twitter Campaign

#nobuffer Twitter Campaign Buffer-zone legislation will be debated again this week in Parliament and in true pro-life style we are holding a Tweetfest on Monday 23 November from 5pm - 9pm. (We’ll peak around 8 pm) I’m very grateful to the many pro-lifers from Australia and overseas who will be joining us for this campaign and especially want to welcome those who have opened new accounts or rebooted old ones just for...

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All Kinds of Awesome

All Kinds of Awesome Last week’s incident with Troy Newman left many of us feeling ashamed to be Australian, but my faith in this nation was restored yesterday at the 7th annual March for the Babies here in Melbourne. We gathered at Parliament House and sang the National Anthem and Amazing Grace; we were there for life and to proclaim the Good News. We also heard some good news: Victorian MP Rachel Carling-Jenkins is planning to...

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