Lack of Love in Your Orthodox Parishes

Lack of Love in Your Orthodox Parishes: A Poem   Heavenly Mother I see that you are grieving For the lack of love in parishes Many are the people there Conscientious Faithful Orthodox But it makes you sad Because they do not love   To offer help for the spirit alone Without fellowship Without love Is meagre help indeed   So many need more   Someone to talk to Someone to listen They need a friend When friends are...

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5 Reasons Parents Need to Be Pro-Life

5 Reasons Parents Need to be Prolife   “The family is a kind of school of deeper humanity.” Gaudium et Spes (CH II #52) Many times we’d prefer  to continue our relatively comfortable life which, in truth, has enough worries of its own, but as we gradually feel more and more uneasy about the plight of our youngest brothers and sisters or our elderly, we feel an obligation to do more. Some of us become active in...

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Would You Like Some Charity With That Outrage?

Would You Like Some Charity With That Outrage? We’re all aware of the phenomenon of online aggression and many of us have taken part in some online debates or conversations in which we expressed frustration or anger, when it would have been better for us to unplug and calm down. St. Paul is pretty clear on the correct disposition Christians need to adopt as a lifestyle - it is that of true love; none other than the love...

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The Theological Virtues: Charity

      The Theological Virtues: Charity Or: Loving as God Loves   The two terms “love” and “charity” are frequently used interchangeably, and with good reason, since the virtue of charity is in fact a kind of love. However, the two are not identical; not all forms of love are also charity. For example, we often hear expressions like, “I love hot chocolate,” or “I love...

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