More to Life - Natalie’s Story

More To Life - Natalie’s Story This is my friend Natalie’s testimony of her experience with terminal cancer. While so many these days are encouraged to end their lives for even the flimsiest of reasons, Natalie’s story shows that life is meaningful, even when there is suffering involved.   This weekend marks an important anniversary for me. It is the ninth anniversary of my diagnosis of terminal lung...

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How I Was Almost a Victim of Planned Parenthood

How I Was Almost a Victim of Planned Parenthood Guest post by Shiksa Yisrael. She saw our tweets about the buffer-zone legislation and wanted to share her story to encourage Australian pro-lifers. Shiksa chose life for her baby after hearing an advertisement about a pro-life rally while driving in her car. The advertisement influenced her to have an ultrasound which ultimately saved the life of her baby.   I feel like I have aged...

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Writing Straight With Crooked Lines: Lorraine’s Story

Writing Straight With Crooked Lines   Todays’ post is a little different from the kind I usually feature. Lorraine Reguly is a respected writer and blogger who has endured a great deal of suffering in her life. Lorraine has kindly answered a few questions about her past and how it is possible to thrive in the face of adversity. Please click through all the links to read more about her experiences, especially this one that...

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Give Love a Name - Nancy’s Story.

Give Love a Name - Nancy’s Story   With abortion advocates in many states lobbying for the introduction of buffer-zones, it’s important to realise just how many babies are saved through the intervention of sidewalk counsellors. (You can sign an online petition in support of free speech and peaceful vigils here.) This story is about one such baby, named Ava. Ava’s mama, Nancy, is now a very strong advocate...

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What I’ve Learned About Unplanned Pregnancies

What I’ve Learned About Unplanned Pregnancies   I guess I know a little about pregnancy, and even what it’s like to face one that isn’t planned. A lot of women find themselves in circumstances much worse than mine were, but I can understand the confusion and the uncertainty. I can sympathise with women I meet who’ve had to make that ‘really difficult decision’. My first pregnancy was my first...

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A Woman’s Story of Freedom from Porn Addiction

My online friend, “Jacquie”, is very inspirational; coming from a background of feminism,  anti-Christian beliefs and pornography, she went through a conversion, and is now something of a digital evangelist. I asked for her testimonial, which is featured here, and which reveals a lot of suffering in her life, but also healing and great hope. Thank you “Jacquie” for sharing your story with us here. My story of...

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