The Masculinity of The Mass

The Masculinity of The Mass   It’s quite an irritation when feminists speak on my behalf to lament the lack of participation by women in the Church, and especially in the Liturgy. For me and many of my women friends, there is no sense of rejection or denigration because we can’t be priests or shouldn’t distribute the Eucharist. It is simply the way God ordained our roles, and many women are content with that. As...

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Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Solemnity of Corpus Christi   It was a privilege to process through the streets of Melbourne yesterday behind the True Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus. My children and I joined hundreds of people at the Corpus Christi seminary Church, and were happy to see some of my seminarians friends from Catholic Theological College. Lots of young people, from all walks of life and many nationalities made the day very special and were a...

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The Secret Heart of an Adorer

    This guest post is by my friend, Jess Leach, who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. Jess is one of the lovely people who have deepened my appreciation for Eucharistic Adoration. For this, and for her loyal friendship, I am indebted to her. The Secret Heart of an Adorer Near the end of her life, Annie S. Hawks recalled how she had written the words to the 1872 hymn, “I Need Thee Every Hour.” “I remember the...

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The Floating Host

The Floating Host     What I’m about to relate is a true sequence of events that happened last Sunday, and how the Lord brought His encouragement in a very unusual way. I hope this story will encourage you, as well. Here’s what happened: After a weekend of driving from place to place with a van full of less-than-compliant children, I landed at Sunday evening Mass, and feeling like I was only there to fulfil an...

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