Abortion in Victoria:  video

Abortion Facts website:

Abortionwiki here:

Australian Mifepristone Reversal website:

Peter Kreeft videos:  Pro-Life Logic

Debate with atheist David Boonan: The Philosophy of Abortion

Salvation Army statement on abortion (allows abortion in many circumstances)


Abortion Regret

Victims of Abortion - the website of post-abortion/trauma counsellor, Anne Lastman

Voices of Regret - Australian website:


Podcast: The Eucharist and Healing




Australian Archdiocesan Offices

CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE of SYDNEY Office of Life, Marriage and Family website

CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE of MELBOURNE Office of Life, Marriage and Family website

CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE of PERTH Office of Life, Marriage and Family website



The Endowment for Human Development website.

The Vatican and Vaccines from Abortion - COG for Life website




Doctors Opposed to Euthanasia website:

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - Alex Schadenberg - here

HOPE: No Euthanasia - Australian Paul Russell’s website:



Articles on Catholic Sexual Ethics - Catholic 

The Principle of Double Effect - article


Organisations Which Defend the Natural Family

Australian Federation for the Family here:

Centre for the Family and Human Rights: C-Fam 

Saltshakers Australia website here:



Peter Kreeft website:


Covenant Eyes

Pornography Harms


Pregnancy Help

Australian Pregnancy help here:

Pregnancy Care Network website:

Real Choices Australia


 Catholic  and Pro-Life Blogs

8 Kids and a Business - Terry McDermott here: (Catholic nurse, special interest in euthanasia)

Catholic Cravings -  by young Australian blogger, Laura McAlister

Designs by Birgit - Birgit Jones here: (Catholic)

Parzival’s Horse - Amfortas here:  (Catholic, world news)

Pro-Life 365 by Kevin Kukla here: (Catholic)

Coming Home - Gerard Nadal, microbiologist (Catholic)

CultureWatch - Bill Meuhlenberg (Protestant)

Blog of a Country Priest - Fr. John Corrigan (Catholic)


 Pro-Life News Services

Life Site News here:


Pro-Life Organisations

Celebrate Life Magazine website.

Family Life International here:

Helpers of God’s Precious Infants (Brooklyn) here:

Human Life International here:

Population Research Institute here:

Priests for Life here:


 Spiritual Warfare

Dr. Wanda Skowronska talk: Cradio - Language and Spiritual Warfare




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