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In Their Words: Dr. Jerome Lejeune

In Their Words: Dr. Jerome Lejeune In Their Words is a new section of the website devoted to quotes from famous pro-life and pro-choice activists and thinkers, and also includes some personal testimonies. Today’s post looks at Dr. Jerome Lejeune. Dr. Lejeune was a French researcher who is known as the father of genetics, since it was he that discovered the extra set of chromosomes in Downs Syndrome patients, and renamed the...

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Why We Need the Infant Viability Bill

Richard Grant, of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, writes about Dr. Rachel Carling-Jenkins’ new Infant Viability Bill. Why We Need the Infant Viability Bill The main purpose of this post is to seek your support for a critically important Private Member’s Bill soon to be debated in State Parliament which aims to wind back Victoria’s current draconian abortion laws in order to help save the lives of later term unborn...

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A Letter from Mary Wagner

A Letter from Mary Wagner Pro-life prisoner, Mary Wagner, wrote this letter to encourage all Christians in carrying their crosses, particularly those in Canada, who are being threatened with the removal of their conscientious objection to doctor-abetted euthanasia. Thanks to Toronto Catholic Witness for making this letter available here. January 23, 2016 My dear Christian Sisters and Brothers, Since we are all so deeply concerned for...

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Answering Eureka Street

Answering Eureka Street Catholic (and other) pro-lifers were disappointed to read a recent post supporting buffer-zones and the ‘right to choice’ in general, in the Jesuit online magazine, Eureka Street. Fatima Measham wrote this article about the introduction of 150 metre buffer-zones outside Victoria’s abortion facilities, and while she believes life begins at conception, she simultaneously holds that women have...

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True Inclusion - Guest post by Daniel Giles

True Inclusion - Guest Post by Daniel Giles Thanks so much to Kathy Clubb for the opportunity to be a guest contributor on Light Up the Darkness. I am a young man living with Autism who is passionate about the full inclusion of people from all walks of life, including people with disability. And I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to live. In particular, I am very passionate about rights for unborn children with...

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