A Letter from Mary Wagner

A Letter from Mary Wagner Pro-life prisoner, Mary Wagner, wrote this letter to encourage all Christians in carrying their crosses, particularly those in Canada, who are being threatened with the removal of their conscientious objection to doctor-abetted euthanasia. Thanks to Toronto Catholic Witness for making this letter available here. January 23, 2016 My dear Christian Sisters and Brothers, Since we are all so deeply concerned for...

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More to Life - Natalie’s Story

More To Life - Natalie’s Story This is my friend Natalie’s testimony of her experience with terminal cancer. While so many these days are encouraged to end their lives for even the flimsiest of reasons, Natalie’s story shows that life is meaningful, even when there is suffering involved.   This weekend marks an important anniversary for me. It is the ninth anniversary of my diagnosis of terminal lung...

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Peter Singer: The Utility of Euthanasia

Peter Singer: The Utility of Euthanasia   Below are some extracts  from Peter Singer’s book: ‘Practical Ethics’ on the topic of euthanasia, and a few points to be taken from each one.   Singer starts by stating that for euthanasia to be safely enacted, safeguards would need to exist, in order to protect people from being wrongfully killed. But he denies the effectiveness of such a safeguard in his next...

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The Death Penalty for the Disabled

The Death Penalty for the Disabled Last night in Melbourne, Bobby Schindler and Bishop Peter Elliot spoke on the topics of euthanasia and “end-of-life care” for the elderly and disabled. Both speakers challenged the Church and the pro-life movement to broaden their view beyond abortion to see the whole range of threats to human life, from conception through to old age. Below are some highlights from Bobby Schindler’s...

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