Simple Twitter Marketing for Pro-lifers

Simple Twitter Marketing for Pro-lifers

A website is a powerful tool: you can spread your message, give advice, share a video or sell a product to any country in the world, 24 hours a day; even while you’re sleeping. It’s also very useful for spreading the pro-life message and helping to save babies.

I’m going to run  you through a simple way of getting the message out there with minimal setup and no expense, and maybe help a mother on the way.

I like to think of it as “One weird trick to save a baby.”

I’m sure some of you have figured this out already; for those that haven’t, you might want to give it a go.

All you need is a website, a twitter account and a free scheduling service, such as Hootsuite.




Scheduling Tweets with Hootsuite

The goal of this exercise is to reach hundreds (or even thousands - depends how big your twitter account is) of people every day with a message about one particular pro-life service, and link back to a website to give them the information they’re looking for. This is just like promoting a blogpost, or sharing a link, except that you’re going to schedule the tweets to happen regardless of what new content you’re putting on your site that week.  You’re trying to reach people who may not usually go to your site, and to actively promote a service, rather than waiting for someone to stumble across it or find through a search engine.


To make this work, you’ll need to either create a landing page on your website, or find a page to link to.

Your own website:

I use two landing pages on my website for this; one for pregnancy help and one for the filtering software for which I’m an affiliate. If you have your own blog, this will take a little time to set up, but once it’s done, you’ll only need to tweak occasionally and check your links from time to time.


Someone else’s website:

If you don’t have a website, you can still use this tip; just find a landing page on a pro-life site that you like and link to that. Examples of pages you might like to promote are

  • post-abortion counselling
  • testimonies from women who’ve had abortions
  • pregnancy help
  • parenting help


Here are the steps: it’s so simple!

  • Find or create a landing page
  • Create an account with Hootsuite (or another free scheduler)
  • Schedule your tweets (up to 5 per day with Hootsuite - I schedule 1 week at a time) and link to your landing page. Here’s an example of a tweet for my pregnancy support page:

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Pregnancy support Australia [add the url for the page] #pregnancy #unplanned #prolife #australia

  • Hootsuite has an option to shorten your url - this is useful for twitter since you are limited to 140 characters
  • You don’t have to change the wording of each tweet, but of course, you may want to. When I did my keyword research a few months ago, I found that the words “unplanned pregnancy” were googled far more often than “crisis pregnancy”, so I stick to using “unplanned.”
  • Don’t forget the hashtags for twitter - they are really important - a vulnerable pregnant woman may search using them.
  • All done! Takes about half an hour per week!


The beauty of this little project is that you don’t have to actually provide the service: you are simply providing the details for someone who’s looking for the service. And if you’re linking to a website that does provide the service, such as a pregnancy centre, you will increase traffic to their site, which in turn, makes it easier for people to find them through google.


I hope you try this ‘one simple trick’ if you’re not already doing so. Let me know how it works for you!


Author: genericmum

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    • Thank you, Sir, and I have added you to my Resources page, under pro-life blogs.

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  1. It’s really necessary to invest time online to support the pro-life cause. Everybody needs encouragement- moreso, those who are ‘Working For Life’. ProLifers have a tiny voice because societies continue to be indifferent to the needy, but we are all in need at a certain point of our life.

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    • This is very true, Sr. Athens. Not only do we need to provide a counter to the prevailing death-culture, but we need to be online because that’s where the vulnerable pregnant and post-abortive women are.

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  2. Great Blog. Yes the computer is a great tool we can all use to get a message across.
    This is the only reason I have facebook. Great work again !!

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    • Thanks Joanne. Facebook is the most valuable tool around for educating ourselves about current pro-life activity. Twitter is also great for networking and sharing X.

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