Just Google It - Abortion in Oz.

Just Google It - Abortion in Oz.

I spent a little time using the Google adwords keyword search tool recently; it’s always useful to know just what  people are looking for around the web in relation to pro-life issues. A few stats like these can help with planning a social media campaign or with wording a pregnancy help website.

Overall, the word ‘abortion’ is included in 12, 100 Australian searches each month.

While some of the searches are performed by pro-life people or others simply looking for information, I guess it’s safe to assume that most of the searches below are by those women (or their partners or family) who are considering an abortion.

(Note: all figures quoted are averages, and are filtered for Australian searches from January 2014 - December 2014.  The keyword tool has an option for aggregated searches using google and its associated search engines: I used this option.)


Abortion clinics, aka mills.

Most pro lifers have difficulty referring to a building where unborn babies are killed as a ‘clinic’ but that is the word people are using in their searches.

When I filtered to find searches for abortion clinics by state, the results were in line with the population found in those states:

  • Sydney has the greatest population and searches averaged at 880 per month
  • ‘Melbourne clinics’ were searched 720 per month
  • Clinics in Hobart, with its small population, were searched 40 times per month.

The words ‘provider’ and ‘doctor’ were not searched often (both averaged 10 times per month.)


Procedural questions.

  • There were 720 searches per month for ‘abortion procedure.’
  • About 90 people per month were looking for information about side-effects
  • 10 per month googled ‘abortion problems’
  • 40 asked ‘does an abortion hurt?’
  • Around 40 wanted to know about ‘abortion regret’ - the emotional cost
  • 170 were interested in the financial cost.



Each month, 480 people across this country do an online search for ‘unplanned pregnancy’!

(Note: people are searching for “unplanned pregnancy” rather than “crisis pregnancy” - this was only searched 10 times per month.)

  • ‘Pregnancy help’ and ‘pregnancy centre’ are also searched less often, at 90 and 70 times per month.
  • Interestingly, the question ‘when does life begin?’ was searched around 70 times each month.


What is the most-searched abortion-related term?

Well, this one really surprised me, not because it isn’t relevant, but in terms of the sheer volume of queries related to these two little words:


This term was searched a staggering 3600 times per month during 2014!

This figure includes searches such as:

  • cost
  • side-effects
  • online availability
  • RU486 specifically
  • and those by location, such as ‘abortion pill melbourne’.



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