Calling Good Evil

Calling Good Evil

You could be forgiven for suffering overexposure after the recent succession of videos and campaigns targeting abortion-giant Planned Parenthood. The stories are shared all over Facebook and twitter, along with blogposts, commentaries and counter-attacks.

But this ‘overexposure’ needs to be put into perspective.

What may seem like overkill to those who identify as ‘I wouldn’t have an abortion, but ….”, is masking the fact that mainstream media have largely ignored the story, especially here in Australia.

And even that isn’t the biggest issue at stake: the fact that an abortion industry exists at all is the biggest take-away from all this.

“Let’s just flood the internet with lots of flowers’  isn’t going to cut it this time.

If we think abortion is just a minor issue on the world scene - that, yeah, it’s kind of regrettable, but there are more important things to with our time and resources, then we need to stop and remember exactly what this thing really means.

The lives of many ordinary pro-lifers is the stuff of other people’s nightmares. Sexual abuse, trafficking, forced abortion, and the little dismembered babies - always the babies - this is literally what many of us consume with breakfast.

We’ve seen this kind of  footage and heard worse stories before this. So, don’t give up now - please! This is the time we’ve been waiting for - the time when every little action will count. If we go quiet now, then all that hard work put in by the courageous pro-lifers who’ve gone before us could be in vain.

If it looks like pro-lifers are abandoning the cause, then how likely is it that pro-choice people will start to look at abortion differently? Not likely at all.

I saw a slogan today - it said, “You have a voice. Use it.” This really is the time to use your voice. And your mouse. To share, to comment, to alert politicians and the media. To post about the after-effects of abortion. To interest men in the topic. To educate young people about relationships. To promote pregnancy resource centres. To thank pro-life doctors.

Outside the abortion facility this week, I was keenly aware of how counter-cultural it is to perform that simple act of praying there for all those involved in abortion. And the strange thing is, if we lived in a world that valued the truth, we would be normal and the normal people, all those driving or walking past would be counter-cultural. Those who ignored or condoned abortion would be ridiculed and those who condemned it would be seen as simply doing their duty - nothing out of the ordinary.

(Perhaps uber PC website Mamamia would become a Marian website. Sigh. We can dream.)

Speaking of dreaming, here are some social media posts from a parallel, sane universe.

(Source: ‘Your Aussie Taxes At Work – Making And Destroying Babies’ byMr Roland von Marburg M.B., B.S., FRACS. Right To Life website.)

#mybodymychoice on twitter?

Or maybe abortion providers just provide abortions.

#Atheismsnotdead on tumblr?



It wouldn’t have to be a perfect world for this to happen, just a sane one.

Keep calling evil out for what it is!


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,

who put darkness for light

and light for darkness,

who put bitter for sweet 

and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20

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  1. We MUST talk about it, show it, bring people’s attention to the horros of it, We must not close our eyes and ears to the iniquity. We must pray for the individual conversion of those involved in this wicked, evil, sinful business.

    “What you do to the least amongst us, you do to Me”.

    God Bless and keep you Kathy.

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    • “We must never be silent, never be passive, never be forgetful of the unborn.”
      From the Missionaries of Evangelium Vitae ‘Prayer to End Abortion.”
      God bless you, too. X

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