Postscript from China

Postscript from China

The latest reports of another relaxation of China’s One-Child policy prompted ‘Rose” to write one last post about her view of China through a pro-life lens. (For more information about this alleged change to the One-Child Policy, please read this article from Women’s Rights Without Frontiers)


Walking down the streets of China can be a very disturbing experience for a Pro-life activist with a rudimentary understanding of Chinese. On nearly every major street you can find at least one abortion provider. And these providers regularly try to outdo each other’s advertising efforts in their attempt to reach their market share of women who are seeking abortions. Disturbing pictures of abortionists whose creepy stares look like they belong on a halloween display can be found on nearly every downtown corner. This is the China I know in the wake of the “end” of the one child policy.

Sadly the necessity of the one child policy has been drummed into every Chinese child since birth. Having more than one child is considered turning their back on the development of their country and their people, and abortion, they are told, is a woman’s patriotic duty.

Abortion imagery - an understanding of the outside world’s abortion debate - is completely lost on the Chinese people, most of whom have never been introduced to a picture of an ultrasound that wasn’t showing a picture of an empty womb after an abortion.

Because China blocks social media that the rest of the world uses, as well as outside non- party-controlled news sources, (in order to keep at bay outside “cultural” influences), the Chinese people are left to suffer in silence with abortions they have been told are just a normal part of being a woman, as unavoidable as getting your period. Such perceptions will not magically disappear with a slight change in the restrictions of the one child policy.

We have to infiltrate Chinese socal media.

Chinese people love the west. They LOVE to emulate the west. They copy our styles, they buy anything that we make in our countries, and they have bought into our sexual revolution and multiplied it by 20.

Sexually transmitted diseases and abortion are ravaging China. We need to get through to the Chinese people that there is a better way, and we cannot do it by merely reaching out on twitter, instagram and google plus (all of which are blocked in China). We who care about China need to make an effort to connect with Chinese people where they are.

I would like to start of group of people who are interested in reaching out to people in China. If you are interested in helping in this project, you can contact the administrator of this blog. (Leave a comment below, or email [email protected])

Thank you all for your involvement in life. On with the Pro-life Revolution!

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