China & Abortion Part 3: Moving Forward!

China & Abortion Part 3: Moving Forward!


The final part in our series is a message of hope from ‘Rose”: some questions from me and a photo-essay of Chinese abortion culture.


Rose, how much contact with abortion do you have in an average day?

In the course of the day I my come across three or four different abortion clinics that I recognize. They are not always that obvious, and sometimes I find out that one is an abortion clinic from ads they hand out in the street, otherwise I never would have known. So I assume there are actually many more that I don’t know about yet.

A women’s health centre in China: This one advertises STD testing and treatment, vaginal reconstruction, sterilization, and of course, abortion.


Another women’s health centre: abortion is always mentioned first in the list of services.


This hand-cream is handed out at college campuses, and advertises ‘pain-free abortion’ at the clinic pictured above.


Is anyone doing post-abortion work in China?

Abortion itself is something people here don’t usually talk about. I only know my friend and myself actually doing pro-life work in China. If people are, they are not advertising it, so I have not been able to find anyone that has post-abortive materials in Chinese.

(NB Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and All Girls Allowed have field-workers who keep a very low profile. These organisations are dedicated to ending gendercide in China.)

This bus advertises the abortion facility in the main graphic.



Women’s Health Centre by night.


What initiatives have you come up with?

A few months ago I was able to make contact with a Chinese pro-life activist. We’ll call him James. He made some brochures similar to those that sidewalk counselors in Western countries give to women at abortion clinics.

These brochures give basic developmental facts as well as detail what the abortion procedure actually does. I was recently able to have a few of them printed, and have been distributing them. I am planning in the very near future to go to various abortion clinics and give them to the women inside.

In China abortion clinics aren’t barricaded as they are in other places.

A sample of the flyers can be found here:堕胎之前必须知道 (CAUTION! contains graphic abortion images)

Here is a street ad in the middle of downtown, with a picture of the abortionist.


What can we in the West do to help you?

You can donate via paypal to [email protected].

These donations help in two ways:

  • offset the cost of making the flyers
  • enable me to financially help mothers to choose life; some mothers need ongoing help to be able to hide from authorities

This gift cannot be made tax deductible at the present time, but I would be very grateful for the opportunity to be able to  do more for these women than I can personally afford.

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