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The Womb Diary is a recently-released  children’s picture book by Australian media personality, David Maegraith.I was fascinated by this book and its potential for pro-life education, so I contacted David who kindly agreed to do an interview for my site. Thanks, David, for lighting up the darkness!

Your book is a fantastic teaching tool for educating young children about life in the womb; the children who read this will never grow up thinking that an unborn child is just a blob of tissue. Was it your initial intention to write a pro-life book, or simply to help little ones accept a new sibling?

My intention in writing the book is actually to teach and bless those who may read it to young children. Sure, it is useful and informative for young kids, but it is also my prayer that the adults who read it to them - and also perhaps teenage babysitters - will be struck by the simple truths in the book.

How have children responded so far to your book? And adults?

Well my daughter likes it, but she has to, it’s dedicated to her! It is rare for authors to receive feedback on their books but the few I have received have been overwhelmingly positive. I am currently working with pregnancy counseling services to donate copies for their workers to hand out to pregnant girls considering abortion.




Do you have a background in pro-life work, or do you see this as part and parcel of being a Christian?

Actually I am pro choice. I believe we should wait the full term of the pregnancy and then ask the child, ‘do they want to be terminated’? That’s fair enough isn’t it? I think that demonstrates the idiocy of the so-called choice position - that the woman has the total say and since she can’t ask the child whether they want to die… then she won’t.

Of course fighting for life is integral to Christian faith, there can be no other position.

Can you talk a little about Life FM and Spaark, and your vision/role for those projects?

I have been blessed, or sometimes it feels like cursed, with a creative mind that springs, or sparks, ideas all the time. I have always had an interest in media, and my dad and grandad were both in media and publishing, so radio comes naturally for me. I also founded the national newspaper Eternity

Spaark is just a name for the group of ideas I am having.

Your book is available in several formats. What made you decide to give away the online version for free?

Two-fold - 1. to get the book into as many hands as possible, and 2. I think most parents still read a hard copy book to their kids before bed, although I know some read from an iPad or other tablet. So my thinking is, if they like the free electronic version, they may purchase the hard copy book to read to children.

In your experience, where is the greatest need in Australia for pro-life education?

At this time, probably at the abortion clinic door. You may say it is too late by then, but I know of people in front-line ministries who meet girls at the very point of decision re their pregnancy and turn them away from termination. I hope this book helps in their deliberations.


Do you have plans for more books? 
Yes I could do a multi-birth version, and a friend kindly translated it to Spanish for me, but for the moment am focused on promoting this first edition.

You can find out more about The Womb Diary at, where you can also download this amazing book for free!

While you’re there, take a look at David’s generous bulk buy offer - you can purchase 20 copies at a reduced price to be sold as a fundraiser for your organisation or church.

Those who join David’s book club will  receive 10% off the price of the hard-copy.

You can also keep up to date with news about The Womb Diary on Facebook.

So share the links and spread the pro-life message!

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