Mary Loves a Chaste Heart - a Poem

Mary Loves A Chaste Heart -a Poem

by Christopher Ziegler


This lovely poem first appeared at Christ’s Faithful Witness  (Please have a look at this great, faithful Catholic site) and is reproduced here with permission.


Mary loves a chaste heart—
But so often have I struggled.


A wandering mind begets temptation.
When I remove my eye from Mary,
I begin to believe I can trust myself.
Soon the cravings of sin slither from the shadows…


My memory is stained by lurid images.
These visions of lust have their own power
To bend the heart.
My urges disturb me.


They conjure uninvited thoughts.
These thoughts are not gentle.
They are not compassionate.
They are unworthy of Mary.


When I remember the love she has shown me
I am filled with shame.


The way out of temptation is humility.
Brought low by weakness,
I bow my head, clasp my hands
And call on the name of Mary.


I am bathed in peace and regain control.


I can tell her grace is at work
By the swelling of my heart.
She has proven once again
How much she cares for me
And how much I need her care.


Without her strength of grace
I would already be dead
And my life lost forever.


Yes—Mary loves a chaste heart.
But, even more than this,
She loves a sinner in need.



I created this Pinterest graphic from a picture taken at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Melbourne. It shows St. John Paul II, that Pope who wrote so beautifully about purity, praying to Our Lady, whom he credited with saving his life during his assassination attempt. It seemed a fitting combination to use with Christopher’s poem.

It’s so important to keep our thoughts pure and to be very careful online! Christians are fortunate to have the power of prayer to aid purity, and Catholics have the extra blessing of help from Mary, the Mother of God.

But sometimes, we need even more help to avoid sin.

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    • Thank you for offering it to me, Susan. I do hope many will be inspired to trust more in Mary because of this poem.

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