Who’s Afraid of Troy Newman?

Who’s Afraid of Troy Newman?

Someone must have been very worried about Troy Newman coming to Australia, so much so that they prevented him being allowed to speak at this month’s Right to Life conferences. So who could be that scared of a pro-life speaker?

Well, I was once. I first heard of Troy Newman a couple of years ago when he was the focus of an article by my Facebook friend, Destiny, of New Wave Feminists. In her post, she talked about how Troy Newman had made her cry. All the girls got on board and criticised him, and I have to admit, I was one of them.

Since then, I’ve seen some of his educational videos,  read about his work with Operation Rescue, and watched the Centre for Medical Progress videos exposing Planned Parenthood - Newman is on the CMP board.

Now I’m no longer afraid of Troy Newman - but someone sure is.

Who would go to such lengths to prevent him speaking in Australia?

Well, who has the most to lose by him being allowed to speak? The answer is, of course, Planned Parenthood.

Until recently, it was thought that planned Parenthood had little direct presence in Australia; of course their huge influence in the US means they’re able to help shape our Australian abortion culture. But there are none of the huge, free-standing child-sacrifice temples here that we see in the US.

So exactly what and where is their presence in Australia?

Well, for one thing, we all contribute to Planned Parenthood through Australian foreign aid.

Australia’s Contribution to Planned Parenthood.

In 2013, along with grants from the UN (3.5 million USD), Bill and Melinda Gates (1.95 million USD) and anonymous donors, who may well include Warren Buffett (12.5 million USD), the  Australian Government gave 4,395,000 AUD to the International planned Parenthood Federation.

This money is ostensibly for ‘reproductive health programmes’ - abortion and long-acting contraception - in developing nations, but there is no reason to think it doesn’t make its way to North America or any other first world country.

One of our Australian aid programmes is called ‘SPRINT’ and funnels our money into emergency relief for those stricken by natural disasters. Because when faced with a choice between clean water or access to abortion, who wouldn’t want the latter, just to feel empowered?

Planned Parenthood’s Contribution to Marie Stopes

In 2014, IPPF gave out cash and commodity grants to partner organisations all over the world, including those listed below.

  • Centre for Reproductive Rights USA $278,500
  • Guttmacher Institute USA $165,266
  • Marie Stopes Tanzania $134,812
  • Marie Stopes Bangladesh $76,904
  • Marie Stopes International (UK) – #63,013,000
  • Plan UK – $59,979,000

Source: IPPF 2014 Financial Report

Since Marie Stopes International operates at 63 sites in Australia, it’s reasonable to expect that some of that money could have ended up here - perhaps to fund the development of their abortion-pill.

But this is common knowledge - there’s something a lot more immediate.

Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia (SH&FPA)

According to an infographic on the IPPF website, there are 26 of the organisation’s  member associations in Australia. (There now appear to be 27). This arm of their operations is called Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia (SH&FPA), also known as the Family Planning Alliance Australia.

The Family Planning Alliance Australia has clinics in all 8 states and territories of Australia, and these are known by various names.

  • Victoria: Family Planning Victoria - 2 clinics
  • Queensland: True Relationships and Reproductive Health -  5 clinics
  • Tasmania: Family Planning Tasmania - 3 clinics
  • Western Australia: Sexual and Reproductive Health Western Australia - 4 clinics
  • New South Wales:  Family Planning New South Wales - 5 clinics
  • South Australia: Shine SA - 5 clinics
  • Australian Capital Territory: SHFPACT: 1 clinic
  • Northern Territory: Family Planning NT - 2 clinics

These ‘family planning’ clinics have an emphasis on emergency contraception, in the form of  levonorgestrel and the copper iud,  and LARC - long-acting reversible contraception by means of the hormonal or copper-bearing Intrauterine Device (IUD), and hormonal contraceptive implants and injections.

In Australia, these organisations do not provide abortions. They are referral agencies; they prefer to ‘advocate’ and ‘educate’, that is to spread pro-death propaganda about sexuality, contraception and abortion. They have replaced the parent as the primary educator of children in the intimate area of sexuality. The Family Planning Alliance is dedicated to perverting our children, starting at puberty, guiding them through their first sexual encounters, on through their inevitable STD’s and abortions, right up until permanent contraception or sterilisation is required.

Family Planning is the ubiquitous go-to educator of Australia’s teenagers, even having a presence in some Catholic high schools.

And their message is always the same:

‘Free sex/abortion/sodomy on demand without apology.’

The Family Planning Alliance is Planned Parenthood’s unseen presence in Australia.


 The pro-life movement has long known about Planned Parenthood’s eugenic philosophy. PP’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was American eugenicist, as was Marie Stopes. They even met in London in 1915. (See The Life and Legacy of Marie Stopes.) Both Stopes and Sanger called for the elimination of the poorer classes: the weak, the feeble and the non-white races.

With a white-supremacist basis for her devotion to contraception, it’s no wonder that abortion has become the main service provided by Planned Parenthood.

From the website Black Genocide.com

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Are we being targeted? Isn’t that genocide?

And according to IPPFs own website:

The estimated number of IPPF clients who are poor and/or vulnerable is 85%

Eugenics is man’s attempt to shape the world in his own image - by deciding who is and who isn’t worthy of the right to life. The end is white supremacy, and the means is abortion. Apart from the practical method of killing unwanted stock, abortion serves a spiritual purpose for the forces of evil. As a form of child-sacrifice, satan gains power through abortion and this explains how it has become so ingrained in global culture as to now be an accepted form of birth control.

The spiritual principles are clear: Jesus told us,

“For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you will, you can do good to them…”

Mark 14:7

And so Satan must attempt to enact the opposite - eliminate the poor, and you will have glory, authority and wealth.

“…if you, then, will worship me, it shall all be yours.”

Luke 4:2

So, who’s afraid of Troy Newman?

The abortion industry as a whole is fearful of the reality of abortion being exposed: it have successfully deadened the consciences of thousands of women and men, including many Christians, and as well as killed millions of babies and grieved many, many families.

In Australia, the Emily’s List/Green alliance in New South Wales are presently trying to decriminalise abortion and three states are attempting to introduce buffer-zones. Abortion advocates are keen to maintain the narrative of their own choosing to ensure legislation favours them. And the annual March for the Babies will be held in Melbourne next weekend - judging by past counter-protests,  this huge pro-life presence proves to be very confronting to abortion advocates.

But, as I’ve shown above, it is Planned Parenthood specifically that is running scared of the pro-life movement, and at this moment in time, Troy Newman is the pro-life figurehead. Next week, it may well be another leader who is targeted. Who knows what will happen when another international speaker tries to visit Australia?

This spiritual battle appears to have taken a turn for the worse; Australia’s leaders have shamed our country and have dismayed her pro-life citizens. But God is good, and His is the victory: without speaking a single word, Troy Newman preached the Gospel of Life more eloquently and truthfully than a thousand press conferences. The Planned Parenthood propaganda machine was turned against itself and alerted thousands, if not tens of thousands to the issue of abortion.

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Author: genericmum

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