Mr. Merlino, Your Pants Are on Fire

Mr. Merlino, Your Pants Are on Fire


Last week, a rally was held by concerned parents and other community members, to protest the highly sexualised content of the Safe Schools Coalition program. Although the program has been touted as an anti-bully resource, its openly Marxist co-founder is in reality trying to deconstruct traditional genders and the natural family.

Petitions against the SSC program were presented to the Victorian Education Minister, James Merlino, at his electoral office in Belgrave. I was fortunate to be handed a copy of his department’s Fact Sheet on the Safe Schools Coalition.

The Education Department Fact Sheet

Despite the fact that more than 40 politicians have asked for funding to be cut to the program, and that PM Malcolm Turnbull has been forced to instigate reforms to the program, Merlino insists that the state government will continue to fund the program in Victoria.

Mr. Merlino says that the program is good for Victorian school-children. But, Mr. Merlino is cannot be trusted, and his fact sheet proves it.

Quoting from the Fact Sheet:

Safe Schools Coalition does not:

Provide any materials that discuss or recommend specific sexual activities or any health or medical advice for same-sex attracted, intersex or transgender people.

Actually, most of the resources in the SSC program contain links to sites that DO provide these things: sites like Minus 18, Family Planning clinics, agencies specifically for LGBTI youth, as well as advice on how to indulge in alcohol safely - how is that appropriate for school children?


Safe Schools Coalition does not:

Teach sexual practices or chest binding or encourage students to cross-dress; rather it encourages tolerance and understanding.

In actual fact, the SSC does link to this post on chest-binding on the Minus 18 website. And far from encouraging tolerance and understanding, it suggests that students in religious schools are transphobic if they disagree with modern gender ideology. 

From Gender is not Inclusive:

“What about religious schools? Every school has a duty of care towards its students. Whatever religious beliefs may be taught or practiced in your school, they will include respecting other people, and making sure everyone feels happy and healthy. This means that transphobia is not be acceptable, and that support must be given to students to be themselves when being anything else would make them feel unhappy or unhealthy.”


Back to the education department fact sheet:

The Safe Schools Coalition does not ‘promote sexual agendas’ ??

Mr. Merlino needs to get his story straight with the Coordinator of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, Roz Ward. Ward has said,  “Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. Not about stopping bullying. About gender and sexual diversity.” (See the video here.)

And how can repeatedly stating that ‘gender-diverse’ students must be allowed to choose their own pronouns NOT be promoting sexual agendas? What about concentrating on teaching students grammar instead?

Safe Schools Coalition does not:

Teach sexuality education. The Safe Schools Coalition program is not, or does not replace, sexuality education. All government schools are required to deliver age appropriate sexuality education as part of the Health and Physical Education component of the Victorian curriculum. 

It is simply not true that the SSC does not teach sexuality education. There is a range of material on their website relating to just that; here is just one example: a downloadable resource called Gender Questioning, which contains a range of information from the ‘history of the trans movement’ to finding doctors to help with a sex-change operation to knowing your rights as a gender-fluid Australian. Unless, of course, the department is referring to the kind of sexuality education we received at school - back in the days when sex was between one man and one woman and had the potential to make a baby. That kind of information is sorely lacking in this program.

And finally, this from the Fact Sheet:

In Victoria, we are committed to, and pride ourselves on, having safe and inclusive schools that cater for the diverse needs of our community. The Safe Schools Coalition provides age-appropriate resources to help schools challenge prejudices towards homophobic, intersex and transphobic students, and make more inclusive schools. Consultation with parents and their engagement in the health and wellbeing of all students in schools is strongly supported in Victoria.

Now, this is where it gets very confusing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this: ‘challenge prejudices towards homophobic … students’ mean that ‘homophobic’ students will be protected from bullying? This has to be a typo, since there is no evidence at all of support for those who don’t play along with the ideologues.

Actually, parents were not consulted before students were given the right to choose which toilets they can use at school. Victorian parents were not aware that their children were to be taught how to ‘cover their tracks’ on the internet. And it is not safe and inclusive to have the threat of prosecution hanging over the heads of those who don’t subscribe to SSC ideology.

From ‘Gender is not Uniform’:

 There is legislation at both state and federal levels that prohibit harassment and/or discrimination in government schools against anyone on the basis of their gender identity. (The Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and the federal Sex Discrimination Act Amendment 2013)

In conclusion, Mr. James Merlino is guilty of misrepresenting the Safe Schools Coalition program, and of forcing tax-payers to fund a perverted curriculum designed to indoctrinate Victorian children.

More information:

For an article linking the Safe Schools Coalition to pedophilia, see here:

*Like* the Stop Safe Schools Coalition Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, and you might like to follow Bill Muehlenberg’s Culturewatch blog, which has a wealth of current information about the gay lobby’s activity in Australia and overseas.

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  1. The Victorian Education Minister, James Merlino, is an apologist (at the very least) for socialist, atheist ideology. He is a representative of such. He os doing as expected. He is an advocate for ‘Eeekwalleteee’ in all its forms, and especially sexual. And of course he will say anytime and anywhere that he is hot a homophobe or an islamaphobe, because, well, they are sins to the Left.

    Perhaps he should be asked, publicly, if he is enforcing this program in Muslim schools in Victoria. And indeed, be asked more generally that if this programme is fit for children and ‘good’ for them, just when is it to be enriching Tafe Colleges and Universities so that the mums and dads can be just as enlightened as their children.

    He should be asked if he is going to prosecute any and all muslims who object to little mohammed dressing up as little mohamette in the classroom. He should ask just when Mulsim schools are to introduce shared toilets so that little mohammed does not have to feel ashamed when he peeks up under little mohamette’s burkha when she is in the loo.

    He should be asked publicly to discuss in public with an Immam which is the best anal lubricant for mulsim homosexuals to use when buggering one another. He could go on to ask the Immam’s views on the best muslim practices for altering the genitals of children who ‘feel’ they are in the wrong body. After all, Muslims are well ahead of we westerners in clitorodectomies and limb chopping off.

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    • All good points, Amfortas. I strongly suspect that all are equal, but some are more equal than others. And am reminded of a sign left by the vandals who trashed Cory Bernardi’s office last week: that ‘Muslims are welcome, but bigots are not.’ Says it all about equalite, egalite and liberte - of the ostriches with their heads buried in the sand.

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