5 Indispensable eBooks for Pro-lifers

5 Indispensable eBooks for Pro-Lifers

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I thought I’d celebrate becoming an Amazon affiliate by suggesting a few really useful ebooks for your pro-life library. They aren’t limited to the topic of abortion, for a couple of reasons: firstly, since the goal of every pro-lifer is to build up a Culture of Life, we need to be creating strong families, and not only opposing abortion. Hence, two of these books are aimed at exposing threats to the family and to our freedoms. Secondly, as pro-life Christians, we need to be developing our ability to think clearly and logically, so we can develop arguments and debate rationally. Hence the inclusion of the Chesterton books.

I chose ebooks because they’re inexpensive, don’t require the extra expense of shipping, are available immediately, and can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet or Kindle, making them super-convenient and portable.

ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments by Randy Alcorn

ProLife Answers is a classic and belongs in the library of everyone who identifies as pro-life. First published in 1992, it has been updated several times and is extremely comprehensive.  The book cites 223 common statements made by abortion proponents and presents the logical pro-life argument to rebut each one. There is also a section in which the author makes appeals to several groups who could be referred to as ‘stakeholders’ in the sanctity of life issues - Christians, Church leaders, doctors and so on. Finally, there is an appendix containing resources and more information on post-abortion support, practical ideas for pro-lifers, contraception etc.

This is a book to which you will literally go back to again and again; it’s a timeless resource.

Click on the image to learn more, to download a sample or to purchase.


The Challenge of Abortion by Bill Muehlenberg

Australian commentator Bill Muehlenberg is a regular contributor to my sister website, The Freedoms Project. Bill recently published this excellent resource for pro-lifers; it lays out the issue of abortion both from a secular perspective and from a religious one. The book is concise, and filled with many references for those who wish to do further research into abortion. I recommend having it on hand, alongside Randy Alcorn’s more comprehensive reference (see above).

To learn more about Bill and to read some of his articles, go to The Freedoms Project:

To visit Bill’s own website, Culturewatch, click here:

Click on the image below to learn more about The Challenge of Abortion, to download a sample, or to purchase.


The Global Sexual Revolution - Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom: Gabrielle Kuby

Gabrielle Kuby has a gift for pinpointing cultural changes then drawing patterns together to describe the big picture. In this book, she seeks to prove that there is a huge movement afoot to completely destroy the image of God, and with it, the natural family.

From the Amazon site:

“The core of the global cultural revolution is the deliberate confusion of sexual norms. It is the culmination of a metaphysical revolution as well-a shifting of the fundamental ground upon which we stand and build a culture, even a civilization. Instead of desire being subjected to natural, social, moral, and transcendent orders, the identity of man and woman is dissolved, and free rein given to the maximum fulfillment of polymorphous urges, with no ultimate purpose or meaning.”


This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to see the big picture of contemporary social upheaval in the context of a global movement. You can visit Gabrielle Kuby’s website here: (Written in Belgian - google translate is available for this site.)

Click on the image below to learn more, to download a sample, or to purchase.

Truth Overruled by Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is a great speaker and writer for the Heritage Foundation. His specialty is setting out natural law arguments for the moral issues that concern Christians and people of good will. In this case, he writes about the impact that redefining marriage has on everyday citizens.

Click on the image below to learn more, to download a free sample or to purchase.

The Collected Works of GK Chesterton

Chesterton, for those who haven’t heard of him, was an English writer who died in 1936, leaving a huge wealth of books on various subjects relating to philosophy, religion and literature; he also wrote plays and poetry and even crime fiction. Chesterton is famous for his logic and for highlighting the absurdity of many widely-held but poorly-though-out opinions.

The link below takes you to just one of his collections; there are many other well-priced collections available through Amazon Kindle - (most are under $2.)

I hope you’ll add at least one of these valuable ebooks to your collection. Our ability to effectively share the pro-life message depends a lot on our ability to articulate the arguments. These book will help you do just that!

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