Just Google It - Abortion in Oz.

Just Google It - Abortion in Oz. I spent a little time using the Google adwords keyword search tool recently; it’s always useful to know just what  people are looking for around the web in relation to pro-life issues. A few stats like these can help with planning a social media campaign or with wording a pregnancy help website. Overall, the word ‘abortion’ is included in 12, 100 Australian searches each month....

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5 Reasons I Won’t Be Leaving Facebook

              “5 Reasons I Won’t Be Leaving Facebook”  first appeared on the blog, Designs By Birgit and is reprinted by permission of the author. There’s much justified outrage about Facebook’s new gender definitions - all 56 of them. For this social network to consult the LBGT community to help create these imaginary, sordid compartments for people - and to...

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