Troy Newman’s Publicity Triumph

Troy Newman’s Publicity Triumph   Melbourne member of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, Richard Grant, submitted the following letter to MP Terri Butler and allowed me to reproduce it here on LUTD.  Ms Butler is the infamous Emily’s List Labor member who was responsible for having Troy Newman‘s visa revoked.   Dear Ms Butler, My gratitude to you for the millions of dollars worth of free prime...

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China & Abortion Part 3: Moving Forward!

China & Abortion Part 3: Moving Forward!   The final part in our series is a message of hope from ‘Rose”: some questions from me and a photo-essay of Chinese abortion culture.   Rose, how much contact with abortion do you have in an average day? In the course of the day I my come across three or four different abortion clinics that I recognize. They are not always that obvious, and sometimes I find out that...

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Telemed: Australia’s DIY Backyard Abortion

Telemed: Australia’s DIY Backyard Abortion.   We woke yesterday to the news that RU486 can now be dispensed by phone in Australia. Known as phone-abortions, or telemed abortions, this new ‘service’ is reckless and irresponsible. It will compromise the physical and psychological health of women, increase the number of abortions and is not provided with information about the potential for reversal. This is the...

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China and Abortion: Part 2

China and Abortion: Part 2 This is the second instalment in the series about China and Abortion by ‘Rose’, an American living in China. It is conservatively estimated that of China’s 13, 000,000 annual abortions, around 1% (130,000) are forced abortions. ‘Rose’s’ insights in no way downplay the reality of the One-Child Policy’s brutal enforcement, but indicate the culture of fear that prevails...

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China and Abortion: It’s More Than Sex-Selective and Forced Abortion.

China and Abortion: It’s More Than Sex-Selective and Forced Abortion. Most of us are familiar with China’s inhumane One-Child policy, and its consequences of forced abortion and gendercide. (You can read a recent article here about Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and the work they’re doing in exposing this abominable practice.) My guest writer today is an American pro-lifer who has had the opportunity  to see...

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