Abortionist Calls Ultrasound Baby ‘A Little Dark Hole’

Abortionist Calls Ultrasound Baby 'A Little Dark Hole'

Abortionist Calls Ultrasound Baby ‘A Little Dark Hole.’


From time to time, I think about a strange comment made by a doctor on the ABC documentary Inside the Clinic“. [Unfortunately, only the trailer is available now; I had made a transcript when it was first released.] The program followed the day-to-day workings inside the abortion facility where I once witnessed in suburban Melbourne. Some of my friends were interviewed for the program.

This is the same doco that I wrote about in the article:The Australian Abortionist Who Wants America’s Dead Babies” , which is found on my other website, The Freedoms Project. In that post, I talked about a doctor from this same abortion facility who said she enjoyed her work and ‘was inspired’ by it. So …. she enjoys killing babies for a living.

In the same program, a male doctor was shown assessing an ultrasound image of a 7 week foetus. He said that the ultrasound showed a ‘dark little hole’ consistent with this gestation.


What is a Pregnancy?

This has always troubled me, because as a prolife person who is quite active on social media, I’m constantly being told that a baby of this age is ‘just a clump of cells’, a ‘blob of tissue’, ‘non-sentient’, ‘not even alive.’ We’ve long known that abortion industry staff are fond of referring to a newly-conceived human baby in these terms – either these or something known as a ‘pregnancy’.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary definition of ‘a pregnancy’ is –  1: the quality of being pregnant (as in meaning); 2:the condition of being pregnant :gestation; 3:an instance of being pregnant

That is, a pregnancy is a state of being.
However, abortion providers often describe an abortion as ‘removing a pregnancy’, (eg on this Marie Stopes website).

How can a procedure remove a condition?

A procedure may removes something (a tumour, a tooth, or an organ) which leads to a change in the condition.
For example, an appendectomy removes an appendix; it doesn’t remove appendicitis. Similarly, surgery doesn’t remove
cancer – it removes a tumour.
And abortion doesn’t remove pregnancy: it kills a foetus, or baby, or child which in turn leads to a termination of the

A Baby at 7 Weeks

Back to our 7 week baby, who in the documentary was about to be aborted.


This article may not be very scientific, but it certainly shows a number of ultrasounds of babies at 7 weeks’ gestation. And sure enough, each monitor shows an image of a dark hole. But inside each ‘dark hole’ is a tiny baby, as ‘big as a lima bean’. And this video clearly shows a tiny heart beating at 7 weeks.

So the not-so-helpful abortionist failed to mention the baby resting securely in its mother’s womb. No wonder abortion providers are loathe to allow mothers to see these ultrasound images. As abortionist-turned-prolifer Dr. Bernard Nathanson said:


“Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.”


Perhaps also fewer people would call abortion an ‘ordinary medical procedure’ if they were allowed to see the ultrasound screen.


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